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Hotel Conceptual


Casa Umi is a conceptual hotel located in La Punta, Puerto Escondido, one of the most attractive beaches for travelers and surf lovers.


With a minimalist design and details that enhance Mexican culture, find in our 8 rooms the privacy you need to relax and reconnect with nature.


The hotel

Design and concept

Casa Umi has 8 rooms and two private villas with a strong influence of minimalist architecture and details of traditional objects made by Mexican artisans such as rugs, fabrics, furniture, and tiles converge.


Likewise, in order to minimize the visual impact on nature, each of the spaces is made from local materials, seeking harmony with the ecosystem that Puerto Escondido houses.


Open and illuminated spaces

Designed to offer you the best experience and comfort during your stay, all the rooms of the Hotel Casa Umi are spacious with a suitable ventilation system, air conditioning, "Queen" or "Kingsize" bed, safe, toilet amenities, Wi-Fi, hammock, living room and /or private terrace.


Inspired by the paradisiacal islands that exist around the world, it's exotic ecosystems, and its resemblance to Puerto Escondido, we name the 8 rooms of the Hotel Casa Umi.



Our most private side

Casa Okabe and Casa Mestizo are two neighboring villas to the Hotel Casa Umi that have all the spaciousness, comfort, and privacy to make you feel at home. Wood and concrete details converge in the simplicity and sophistication of its architecture and interior design. Distributed over 2 floors, the villas have a ventilation system, air conditioning, a room with a “Queen size” bed, a private bathroom, a kitchen, a breakfast bar, a reading room, WiFi, and a pool.


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